BPM Finder


Find your preferred Beat Per Minute (BPM) by Exercise Type.

Or find your preferred Beat Per Minute (BPM) by Running Pace.

– This is a rough guide to help you find your target BPM

– BPM determines how fast your feet are moving, not how much ground you are covering

– Target BPM will vary from person to person, depending on your stride length and power

– At very fast BPMs (180 and above), you have to shorten your stride, so you may actually cover less ground and run a little slower, but it is better for your form

– We recommend experimenting with BPMs and see which feel right to you

– We offer dozens of free mixes set at different BPMs.  Sign up and get started today!


Want to find the BPM of your favorite song?

Download this free BPM music analyzer from Mixmeister.

Watch this video tutorial on how to use BPM Analyzer (if you’ve already downloaded and installed the software, start video at 1:15)