About the Motion Traxx Podcast

What Is Motion Traxx?

Motion Traxx is your ‘Fuel For Fitness’. We are a fitness music company that produce audio workouts that motivate people while they exercise.  Our premium audio workouts feature verbal coaching from top trainers and a special music soundtrack that’s designed to drive your movements.  It’s like having a fitness class in you earbuds.  The show is produced by Deekron ‘The Fitness DJ’. Motion Traxx features non-stop dance music mixes set at high Beats-Per-Minute (BPM), and is free for everyone. How’s that to get you ‘going’?


What is a podcast?

You can think of a podcast as a piece of audio or video programming that is produced in a series, and can be subscribed to. A podcast is sent out over the Internet, and can be played on a computer or portable media player (such as an iPod). For more information about podcasts, check out this article on About.com


Is Motion Traxx only for Running?

No way, Jose. You can use Motion Traxx for anything. While the fast, steady beats make it appropriate for running, it can also be great for other activities, such as cycling, aerobics, general workouts, dancing, driving, vacuuming your house (it’s been done!)… you name it.


How is Motion Traxx different than other running podcasts?

Motion Traxx is one of the only non-stop, fast-BPM, legal, dance music-based podcasts specifically intended for running and exercising in the world. It’s produced by Deekron ‘The Fitness DJ’, an expert in the field of workout music (bio). We also pride ourselves in producing podcasts that are fun, catchy, and energetic. No dry or boring stuff here. In addition, Motion Traxx makes use of a talented team of DJs and producers in New York and Barcelona (two of the dance music capitals of the world!).


Is Motion Traxx considered ‘professional’ health or fitness advice?

Absolutely NOT. Motion Traxx is not intended to be health or fitness advice in any manner. Motion Traxx is for entertainment purposes only, and you agree to use it at your own risk. The music has a ‘power’ to it, but hey, it’s still just music.


Is Motion Traxx legal?

Yes! Unlike other podcasts, Motion Traxx is a 100% legal podcast. Permission from the copyright holders of the music has been granted for every song you hear in our podcasts.


How come it’s free?

The Motion Traxx team has been very active in the dance music industry (in both the US and Europe) for more than a decade. The relationships we’ve built over this time have allowed us to approach artists and labels with the idea of this podcast. They liked it, and have allowed us to use their music free of charge. Please send them good Karma! And if you like a particular track, we always post track lists with links that allow you to listen and purchase an individual song online. Remember, buying a song helps an artist make another one.


Will Motion Traxx stay free?

Yes!  Of course, for that to happen it will require your support – by telling others to Subscribe.


What can I do to support Motion Traxx?

Thought you’d never ask! But all kidding aside, your support is both appreciated and necessary. We will never ask you for a donation or a hand-out. At the same time, we do request that you SPREAD THE WORD to as many listeners as possible. Email them, call them, send them faxes if you have to. (after all, Motion Traxx is not only free, but is fun, and can bring great fitness-related benefits to many, many people in your life).

About Deekron

Who is Deekron ‘The Fitness DJ’?

Please click on Deekron’s Bio for more information. You can also visit his website at www.TheFitnessDJ.com


Does Deekron make any other type of fitness music?

Yes! Deekron owns a fitness music label called RockitWave8. His music has been in used in thousands of Group Exercise classes (such as Kickboxing, Indoor Cycling, Step Aerobics, Pilates, etc.). He has also produced some fun, Pop-based workout music for consumers that is available through the iTunes Store (search for “deekron” in iTunes).


How do I report a problem?

Please do report any problems or issues you encounter immediately. You can reach us via the Contact form.


Will Deekron perform at my fitness club, nightclub, event, etc.?

It’s possible. Please submit our booking inquiries via the Contact button on the home page.

About Subscribing & Downloading

How do I subscribe to Motion Traxx on iTunes?

You can either follow the ‘Subscribe via iTunes’ link on our home page, or you can do a search in your iTunes for “Motion Traxx” or for “Deekron.” Once you get to our podcast page on iTunes, click on ‘Subscribe’ button next to our logo art.


Will subscribing to your podcast or signing up for your newsletter allow me to be spammed?

No! Motion Traxx takes your privacy seriously. We will not share your information with anyone. When you sign up, your email is automatically added to a secure and protected list on our server. The sole purpose of that list is to send out newsletters.


Do I have to you use an iPod to listen to Motion Traxx?

No. Our files will work with any mp3 player.


Do I have to use iTunes to listen to Motion Traxx?

No. You can subscribe to our newsletter via this website and we will send you a link to the file every time a new episode is posted; this is called the Direct Download method (see directions for Direct Download below). That being said, iTunes is the preferred method, because it automates the process.

How do I download an episode if I don’t use iTunes (i.e. the Direct Download method)?

To download an episode directly from our website or one of our emails, follow these steps:


1.  Find the link for the episode you are interested in
2.  Click the ‘Download Free’ link
3.  Save the file with that episode to your computer (somewhere you can find it easily)

Next, you’ll have to add the file into the library of the software that came with your mp3 player. (refer to the instruction manual of your player on how to do this). Next, synch your mp3 player with your computer.


If you downloaded an episode directly from the Motion Traxx site or from one of our emails, but you do use iTunes, please note that it will NOT show up in iTunes automatically (which is why we recommend Subscribing via iTunes). To get it into iTunes (and your iPod), follow these steps:

1.  Open your iTunes and (if you have not already done so) create a Motion Traxx Playlist (this can be done by doing File/New Playlist, and naming the Playlist Motion Traxx)
2.  Make sure the iTunes window is not taking up your entire desktop screen (if it is, go to the upper right hand corner of your screen and press on the button that is in between the ‘Minimize’ and ‘Close’ buttons < to the right of the X button on PCs; for Macs, press on the Green Plus button in the upper left hand corner)
3.  Open your Windows Explorer (or ‘Finder’ for Mac), and find where you saved the episode
4.  Drag the episode into your Motion Traxx Playlist in iTunes
5.  Play it in iTunes briefly to make sure it’s working
6.  Connect your iPod and when synching is done, take it for a run!

For a video tutorial on how to download to iTunes, click here.