Luella F.

“Training for my first marathon, TOP OF UTAH.  Motion Traxx is with me on all my runs.  Thank you Deekron, couldn’t do it without you and Motion Traxx.”





Christopher L.

“Thanks Motion Traxx for the great workout motivational tunes!!  Been using you guys in Afghanistan and Iraq for the past couple of years and there is no comparison!!”





Isabella O.

“I used Motion Traxx for the first time on a run today.  It works!  I have never felt better running.”





Don H.

“My wife and I were impressed.  We took 9 minutes off our half time from just three weeks ago and 18 minutes off the same course from a year ago.  Your upbeat pace and music just kept us going.  Thank you so much.  Now it’s time to start thinking about doing my first triathlon.”




D’Lovely G.

“So, I’m kind of stingy when it comes to sending positive feedback to any business, but I have fallen head over heels in love with Motion Traxx!  I work out alone; I prefer it that way.  I don’t like conversation, and often times shy away from exercise classes to avoid having to count off with the class or give any feedback to an instructor.  Because I work out alone, I do miss instruction and the extra “push” that comes with cues and commands.  In comes Motion Traxx, a workout snobs delight.”


Santiago R.

“I just wanted to tell you how awesome and what a huge contribution to the fitness community you guys are doing.  The mixes are phenomenal and can totally wake up a dead body and put it in motion!!!!  The G Fit Series is just insanely fun and electrifying, I just can´t stop doing them week after week.  Best wishes to you from the middle of the world Quito-Ecuador!!!”



Patrizio B.

“Deekron, thank you for your music / support on my first half marathon today (on a raw vegan diet)!  I really love your music!  Keep up your great work!”





Marc W.

“I bought the Speed Zone 200 Album last night, loaded it onto my iPod and did my first run with it today.  Wow!  I loved it!  It was perfect for a fast tempo run workout.  I did 6 miles in 43 minutes – not too shabby for a 61-year old!  Thanks for putting together a great workout for hardcore runners / racers!  There is NOTHING else on the market like your Speed Zone mix!”



Kimberly M.

“Thanks for the great stuff you provide to keep me healthy.  You’re the difference between REAL LIFE and couchin’ it.  Thanks for trying to get people’s health in GEAR!  Happy Thanks to you, Kim..an iTunes buyer of your stuff.”




Keith Z.

“People, get this and use it!  It will improve your performance and times.”