The Music


The Process

The foundation of any Motion Traxx mix is high-energy Dance music (a.k.a. Electronic Dance Music, or EDM).  In our view, this is the most motivating music there is because it’s the only genre of music written with the specific intention of ‘moving’ you.  In other words, it’s written to make you dance, which is movement.

Then, we curate every song for quality, positivity, energy and inspiration.  Next, applying our exclusive Action SyncTM technique, we mix songs into a non-stop journey of motivation that supports you at every phase of your workout.


The Highest Quality Ingredients

A high-quality product requires high-quality ingredients.  We pride ourselves in using the most motivating, premium quality music in our workout music mixes, to ensure you get the motivation you need during your workout.

We source our tunes from dozens of leading international artists and labels.  Here is a list of some of our notable artists and label partners that help ‘move’ you:

Notable Artists

Steve Angello
Bob Sinclair
Antoine Clamaran
Manuel Del Mare

Notable Labels

System Recordings
Pool E Music
Ospina Digital
Gotham Grooves